Best Ceramic Coating for Cars & The Ultimate Guide

Without a doubt, ceramic coatings are becoming a buzz among car owners and that isn’t surprising giving its exciting benefits. As a matter of fact, ceramic coatings are now an alternative to car waxing and have proven to deliver more exciting and reliable results.

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From the fact that it is long-lasting and uniquely designed to add more glam to your vehicle, the ceramic coating is definitely what every car owner should be looking at. And because we are committed to delivering the best ceramic coatings you’ll love, we have put together a list of some of the best ceramic coatings on the market that is worth your try. Hopefully, you’ll find one that works for you.

Here, check out our list of top ceramic coatings:

1. Avalon King Amor Shield IX DIY Kit

Call it the king of ceramic coatings and you’ll not be wrong. This powerful product comes with all the exciting DIY kits that makes application super easy. From protective safety gloves to high-quality microfiber rags to its uniquely designed ceramic coatings, this powerful product is set to give your car a complete makeover. The exciting thing about this product is that it is highly affordable, so you’ll not be breaking the bank to get it. Not just that, it is built to last long and can stay on your car for about three to five years. For car owners looking for that one of a kind shine that will turn eyes their direction every time they drive across the street, this ceramic coating is just the right pick for you.

While Avalon went over and beyond to deliver to users a product they can fully trust, their ceramic coating also comes with detailed instructions that makes application super easy and hassle free. Without a doubt, this ceramic coating will leave zero spots with no need for buffering.

Key features

  • Hassle free application
  • Long lasting effect
  • Self-cleaning technology
  • Advanced nanotechnology

2. CarPro CQuartz 50ml kit

If you’re looking to prolong and protect your car paintings/coatings, look no further than this revolutionary ceramic coating. Thanks to its powerful results, professionals have made this ceramic coating their number one choice when it comes to giving their car a complete makeover. The fact that it is easy to apply and offers all round protection than other brands on the market makes it a must-have for every car owner. The difference between this product and other brands on the market is that it is easy to use, so you wouldn’t require any special training to nicely apply this on your vehicle.

The exciting thing about this product is that it boasts of a fast action formula that makes application quick and flawless. More interestingly, it delivers up to 70% pure quartz, thus helping your vehicle to develop resistance to wash induced marring, bird droppings, high and low temperature as well as traffic film. Also, this product comes with kits like five suede micro fiber rags, rearview mirror hanger and an easy to use applicator.

CQUARTZ 50ml Kit - Discontinued 2020
  • This version was discontinued 2020
  • This version was discontinued 2020
  • This version was discontinued 2020

Killer features

  • Innovative fast action formula
  • Easy to apply
  • 5 reliable micro fiber rags
  • 50ml. CQuartz
  • 70% pure quartz

3. Color N Drive Car Ceramic coatings Kits

Easy to use, this powerful ceramic coating is the real deal. Thanks to its unique paint sealant, this ceramic coating will have your car looking perfect every other day. For vehicle owners looking for a flawless and shinning gloss finish, they will be proud of, you’ll not go wrong to give this product a try. The incredible thing about this product is that it not only delivers impressive results but will also protect your car painting with powerful coating for a very long time. After using this product, you can be rest assured that your vehicle is protected from bird droppings, iron powder, UV light fading, stone chips and scratching.
Made from innovating nanotechnology, this coating is prepped to last for up to 10 years; this is 10 years of flawless protection. Even after 100 to 150 washes, this ceramic coating will stay intact.

Color N Drive Deep Gloss 9H Car Ceramic...
  • Easy To Apply- Forget about other car paint sealants that are...
  • For A Flawless Look- You can now keep your car looking perfect at...
  • EASY TO APPLY: Forget about other car paint sealants that are...

Key features

  • Hassle free application
  • Solid protection and stays intact up to 100 to 150 washes
  • Innovative 9h Nanotechnology
  • Flawless result

4. Migliore Strata Coating

Uniquely produced in the United States, this powerful ceramic coating boast of a rich gloss and coating paint sealant, that provides flawless protection from UV light fading and water sheeting that may cause damages to your vehicle. And while it features a highly protective coating, this product has been specially engineered to protect your paint from destructive contaminants. Poised to deliver one solid year of protection, this ceramic coating promises to shield your vehicle from debris, salt, bird droppings and of course, high or low temperature.
And thanks to the fact that it comes with a self-cleaning formula, applying this ceramic coating is quick and easy. With this product to the rescue, it means less washing days and more shine that will last for some time.

Migliore Strata Coating: High Gloss SiO2...
  • Your solution for an extremely glossy, easy to apply, low...
  • 12+ months of protection. Strata Coating provides durable...
  • Don't be fooled by 10H claims, flame resistance, and foreign...

Key features

  • Highly glossy
  • Easy application
  • 1 year of optimum protection
  • Resistance to UV and water sheeting

5. CarPro Reload Spray sealant

Whether you are after a flawless shine or a protective coating that keeps your car looking fantastic every day, be rest assured that this ceramic coating will do an impressive job you’ll be proud of. Designed to provide a Nano seal that protects your vehicle against stubborn dirt as well as other harmful environmental factors, this paint sealant is all you’ll ever need to keep your vehicle in excellent condition.
Professionals have termed it the ultimate protection kit as it is perfect and safe for all surfaces. Again, this powerful ceramic coating has earned its place as a powerful standalone sealant, even though it was initially manufactured as a UV protection product. With its potential to resist water and dirt, this powerful product can be applied to plastic, glass and rubber surfaces. One thing that makes this product different from others on the market is that it can be used on either dry or wet vehicles.

CARPRO Reload 1.0-500mL (17oz), Plastic,...
  • This is version 1.0 - discontinued in 2023

Key features

  • Guaranteed UV protection
  • Perfect for all surfaces
  • Long lasting and highly reliable
  • Protects against dirt and water

6. Nasiol Love and Protect the Original car ceramic coating

This is arguably one of the finest Nanotechnology based coating products on the market currently. Amazingly, this ceramic coating for cars has been specially formulated to protect all types of car paints. The icing on the cake is that a single coat of application can last nearly 3 years with little or no maintenance needed. With its powerful ceramic coating, your vehicle will enjoy a reliable 9H water repellent coating at the surface while also providing a multi-layer technology that helps the layer to remain flexible just beneath your paint job. Besides, it is easy to apply and requires no technical know-how.

Without mincing words, this ceramic coating has been engineered to deliver a perfect result as dirt, grime, dust, mud and water will effortlessly slide of your vehicle after application. From car paint to rims (How to fix a rim) to dashboard and bumpers, this coating can be applied just about anywhere for an impressive and instant shine.

Nasiol ZR53 Nano Ceramic Coating for...
  • ✅ Enhanced durability up to 3 YEARS (LIFELONG if boosted with...
  • ✅ Crystal Gloss Reflection (CGR) with a distinct silky feeling.
  • ✅ Advanced scratch resistance with 10H pencil hardness.

Key features

  • Nanotechnology based coating
  • Long lasting result
  • One coat, instant and reliable result
  • 9H water repellent coating
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7. Shield One Nano Hydrophobic Coating

Want your car looking like it just arrived from the showroom? Then now will be an awesome time to give the new and improved Shield One Nano Hydrophobic coating a try. Uniquely engineered and formulated with polymer protection, this one of a kind ceramic coating will shield your vehicle from dirt, grim, water and other contaminants that can cause damages to the surface of your vehicle. To put things simply, this ceramic coating forms a potent polymer bond that helps protect the exterior of your car for a long time. A single application of this coating will highlight the color of your vehicle while giving it that distinctive shine you have always wanted.

The best part is that it is a multipurpose ceramic coating and can be applied to plastic, glass and wheel surfaces. Did we forget to mention that it also features the nanotechnology that is popularly known to produce tight bonds that will help protect your car exterior longer than other car waxing techniques? This makes it highly recommended for car owners.

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Key features

  • Innovative polymer protection
  • Hassle-free application
  • Long lasting result
  • Dirt and water repellent
  • All round protection

8. Ethos Handcrafted car care ceramic wax

Considered the glossiest, slickest and easy to apply the ceramic coating, this powerful product is fast become the number one choice for car owners. As a matter of fact, it boasts of silica infusion technology that produces a remarkable shine, cutting edge finishing and protection not common with other brands of ceramic coating on the market. The interesting thing about this product is that it is easy to apply and you can do this with the aid of a machine or your hand, whichever works best for you.
If you’re looking to protect your car from dirt, bird droppings, water spots, UV rays, and other contaminants, this product will not fail to impress you.

Ethos Ceramic Wax - Aerospace Coating...
  • 100% SATISFACTION GURANTEED - One application has been proven to...
  • LONG LASTING RESULTS - Once applied to your paint, glass or...

Key features

  • Hassle free application
  • Long lasting effect
  • Hydrophobic surface
  • 30% pure Sio2 silica

9. Sonax Ceramic Coating

Giving its incredible results, the Sonax Ceramic coating is a huge contender for the best ceramic coating on the market. From glossy shine to superior protection and all round finesse, this ceramic coating is poised to have you car looking all shades of amazing. Together with an irresistible shine and long lasting effect, you’ll be hard picked to find a better ceramic coating than this.
Thanks to its fantastic application tool, you can easily apply this coating all by yourself. All you have to do is follow its well-structured application manual. If what you want is remarkable protection from dirt, water, UV rays, road salt and more, look no further than this powerful product.

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Key features

  • Guaranteed protection from UV rays
  • Long lasting result
  • Easy to apply
  • Comes with all relevant tools for application

Frequently Ask Questions About Ceramic Coatings


What to look out for when buying ceramic coatings?

Although ceramic coatings are becoming a trend among car owners, it doesn’t apply to every vehicle. To this end, there are some factors to consider before deciding whether to use ceramic coatings or not. So before you think of opting for ceramic coating, here are some factors you will want to put into consideration.


For car owners who live in areas where vehicles are overexposed to sun, you should consider getting your car coated. On the flip side, if you stay in areas with moderate sunshine, your vehicle wouldn’t be needing any coating. In areas with high sun exposure, vehicles will need protection from UV rays.

Cleaning frequency

We don’t know about you, but cleaning can be a very tiring chore. So for car owners who don’t like cleaning regularly, now it will be an excellent time to get your car coated. With ceramic coating, the surface of your car becomes self-cleaning.

Age of your car

It’s no surprise that due to a number of factors, car paint tends to thin over time. So for car owners looking to flip their cars, it wouldn’t be a smart decision to get your car coated.


One important thing to look out for when going for a ceramic coating is the price. While it would be good to have your car coated, you don’t want to go overboard with your budget. So we advise you go through different brands of ceramic coating, carefully look at their features and go for the one that works with your budget.

Why ceramic coating is important?

Guaranteed protection

Having your car look faded is no doubt sad and uninspiring. Thankfully, you can give your car a complete makeover. With a ceramic coating to the rescue, your car is poised to look as though it just arrived from the showroom. The truth is, using ceramic coating will leave your car shining and glossy, making you the envy of most car owners. And because the coating is transparent, it will prolong and protect your car’s paint job.

Makes maintenance super easy

With ceramic coating, users will not go through the rigors of regular maintenance. Another cool thing about ceramic coating is that it is easy to apply and a single application is enough to give your car the protection it needs.

Gives your car a complete makeover

Applying ceramic coating will greatly improve your car’s exterior look as it will add an undeniable gloss that will make your car more attractive. More so, it prevents your car’s paint from fading or peeling off.

The downsides of ceramic coatings (what to avoid)?

While the ceramic coating is highly recommended for car owners who want to keep their vehicles in excellent condition, the coating will not entirely protect your car from scratches. To this end, you must practice regular maintenance and avoid conditions that can ruin your car’s paint.

Another thing is that ceramic coatings can be a tad expensive, so if you don’t have all that money to spend, you’re better off using regular wax.
How to apply ceramic coating

6 Steps to Applying ceramic coating is easy and you can do this all by yourself.

  1. Start by wrapping the applicator using the provided cloth
  2. Now apply a few liquid of the ceramic coating on the microfiber rag
  3. Wipe the rag gently over your car
  4. Should there be any leftover coating on your vehicle, wipe off with a wet towel
  5. For a flawless job, please ensure the coating is uniform
  6. Please leave for 48 hours to dry fully


Keeping your car in excellent condition is now easy and simple. With ceramic coating, your car will look flawless and all shades of amazing. Simply go through all the top ceramic coating products listed in this post and select one that works with your budget.

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