How To Remove Scratches From Car Bumper

If you have recently been a victim of having your car vandalized, poor parking, even been in a car accident then you will learn how to repair

Bumper bars are supposed to get scratched after all in Italy it is common to use the bumper bar to lightly nudge the car in front or back of you while you park.

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Fun Fact: Italy residents have a mutual understanding of keeping the handbrake off to nudge cars as people park in built-up areas around the city.
Their bumper bars are scratched up for the most part however it is a commonplace where people are not concerned, even if their car is brand new.

Now, in America, Australia, Canada and everywhere else this way of parking is simply not acceptable. And it’s likely if you got caught nudging the other car they will be asking for your details for insurance and will want you to pay for the damage.

Either way, a bumper scratch may come as an expensive problem to fix. While many people accept scratches on their bumper and move on, many simply can’t stand scratches on their automobiles.

In this post, we are going to explore the cheap and affordable ways to fix your bumper bar scratches from home. So If you consider yourself a handyman and like the idea of saving money on your car detailing then you will want to read on.

Top 3 ways to repair bumper bar scratches and stuff marks on the front and rear


1. Toothpaste To Remove Scratches On Bumper

Social media pages have been covering the effects of toothpaste being used for bumper scratches and while this is a cheap and creative option. It’s a permanent fix and is not as effective to hide the scrapes and blistered paint.
Toothpaste does generally work well with clear coat scratches yet the deeper the scratch the less effective.

For example, if the scratch has punctured the clear coat, base coat and primer leaving the bare metal then it’s going to get it fixed professional or a serious DIY project with sanding back and repainting.

In this situation, toothpaste won’t be able to seal and mask the exposed metal and you will need to consider repainting the bumper panel.

2. Wax Scratches and Scrapes off the bumper

Buying a high-quality wax product may be able to help you mask up light and semi-deep scratches on the bumper but don’t hope too much. Many scratches that have to contain exposed metal will require sanding back and respray.

Bumper repaints are not cheap and can range from a few hundred dollars to one thousand depending on the damage.

3. Use Body Compound On Bumper Scratch Marks

Using the correct body compound can provide an adequate repair job. But it doesn’t always work with deep bumper scratches as many modern cars use plastic fiber panels.

Using a product like Never Scratch body compound to repair scratches could be your solution to solve the scratches and scuff marks on your bumper bar.

While it’s cheap and it works very well, it doesn’t handle big scratches in the paint and you may need to consult a professional body shop.

That said if you are looking for a cheap and affordable alternative to repair the scratches on your car’s bumper and avoid the Plastic Bumper Repair Cost then try Never Scratch for 50% off today only,.

In conclusion
With any panel repair, there are varying degrees of damage that can be fixed from the comfort of your own home. But you may find that your car’s damage may be beyond home repair which means you will need to take it to a car body shop for repair.

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