How to Make Dull Paint Shine On Car

In this fast-paced world, people don’t have much time to invest in keeping their car in top shape cosmetic condition, and its not until its too late they fail to notice a few important things that may be causing their car to slowly corrode and even lose resale value. One of the common problems that many people fail to detect early is the fading of dull paint on a car.

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It is a common understanding and oversight and its not your fault if you just detected a possible problem. Where you may look at a busy street and find 100’s of cars and vehicles anytime and if you look closer at each one you will likely find the color starting to fade, even on cars that have just been rolled out of the dealership. These problems occur for a list of known reasons like exposure to UV, application of cheap paint finish and wax, and more.

However, with many DIY fixes thanks to new and improved products on the market there easier ways to resolve a question of how to make dull paint shine on car with effective methods which we will be covering how you can restore the shine to your car in the next 30 minutes. But, before we go any deeper let us first understand the reasons behind the paint fading on a car.

Top 4 Reasons Car Paint Fades

Most of the time cars are subjected to work and exposed outdoors. Unless it is inside a garage and not in much use, there are many genuine reasons you need to worry. Vehicles and Automobiles these days come up with different tested additives designed for long-lasting and better durability. They possess longevity in your car’s cosmetic lifespan and reversing the early sides of corrosion, with higher sustainability against the drastic changes in weather.
However, in the case of older and worn vehicles that have been neglected for years, it’s going to be difficult to count on 1 particular product to make the car paint fading go away.

Here are a few reasons why car paint fades and becomes dull and worn out, and I will share how you can solve this.

1. Oxidation

Fading is a distinctive sign of oxidation taking place. Oxidation refers to the chemical reaction where the paint reacts with Oxygen and oxidizes and makes the top of the painted surface look dull and worn out. Oxidation means a discoloring of the paint layer, underneath the clearcoat. It does not occur immediately as it can take years of neglect and corrosion on the panel for the paint to be damaged for good.

2. UV Exposure

Just like our own skin on our body, the long-term impacts from constant UV rays from the sun hitting our skin we are exposed to potential harmful dermal dots and bumps in the skin that can lead to life-threatening cancers that need to be promptly dealt with before cancer spreads. Without cancer, our vehicles are prone to get sun damage over time when direct sunlight undergoes a chemical reaction and removes the shine or gloss from the paint layer.

3. Weather Changes

The rate at which global warming is leaving an impact, it is evident when we see a drastic climatic change ever seen before. If you live in locations with higher humidity, frequent rains, or any other extreme weather change, the chances of vehicle color fading are imminent.

4. Air Pollution

Heavy industrialization and faster urbanization have exponentially risen, releasing harmful gases in the air. This has a large amount of Nitrous oxide, Sulfur dioxide, and Carbon-based harmful gases that affect the color and leave a faded impact over a vehicle.

Fixing Paint Fade in your Car

Primarily, it is wise to understand the level of impact a vehicle has sustained due to any of the features mentioned. Several factors can be determined only after looking at the severity. Right from moderate to severe cases, restoration becomes complicated with increased issues. Thus, it is recommended to look out for solutions, whenever you realize mild color fade.
Next, there are two different ways to restore their vehicles – DIY and Professional methods that can be expensive.

DIY Repair Methods To Fix Dull Paint

DIY or Do it Yourself is a productive solution on how to make dull paint shine on car. This involves your effort and thought to restore the color gloss of your vehicles, especially during the nascent affected stage. It is fair to note that the below process is to remove normal stain marks over the paint. For any other corrosion-related restoration, you should avail of pro-help.
Washing: The first step involves washing to remove the above layer of chemicals and contaminants for the time being. Soaping and polishing are among the main parts of the work.

  • Leveling: This is the first of the 3 steps, requiring the usage of the electric polisher to level the visible micro-particles.
  • Polishing: In this step, the vehicle is polished after leveling, so it looks glossy and polished overall.
  • Sealing and Waxing: Usage of wax ensures to give the vehicle a protective layer and sport a shiny look. Sealing ensures giving a crispier finish.

Professional Assist

This is a recommended step since professional cleaners have a better flair of cleaning and protection of your vehicles. If your vehicle is severely affected by fading issues and oxidation, there is none, but professionals are the ones who can resolve. They use all the techniques mentioned above with the help of advanced equipment, use better wax, and polish materials against what a commoner may use. This ensures a better restoration against what DIY can result.

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  • Q. What are the levels of Oxidation?
    A. There are 3 levels of oxidation, like Mild, Moderate, and Severe.
  • Q. What is a Clear Coat?
    A. A clear coat helps in safeguarding the layers underneath the damage levels. Without this, the paint is oxidized and will not sustain.
  • Q. Which is the best way to fix faded paint correctly?
    A. Ceramic Coating is the best way to fix the faded painting.

Top 3 Highest Rated Products for Restoration

Meguiar’s G190200 Quik Scratch Eraser Kit: This popular product is an all-in-one kit to remove light scratches and scuffs for the DIYers. The product comes with Scratch Eraser Pad that combines with ScratchX 2.0, removes scratch easily with a minimum effort, and microfiber towel ensures to remove remaining residues completely.

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Carfidant Black Car Scratch Remover: This is a powerful product useful in removing dark color paint scratch and repairs it comprehensively. With advanced chemicals, paint restoration properties, swirls are nowhere to be seen, and effective restoration is guaranteed. The product is recommended for black and dark paint colors.

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GS27 Titanium Car Scratch Remover Kit: This French-made product is user-friendly that helps in removing minor to moderate scratches from your car body. It comes up with Titanium Microparticles that erase scratch permanently and ensures them to be invisible. None of this requires strenuous buffing or hard application.

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If there is one thing that’s inevitable about owning a car it’s getting faded paint from years of use. And while dull paint is a known problem that arises from your car being exposed to the elements. But there are certain ways of protecting it from further cosmetic wear by simply parking your car in a parking garage away from sunlight and the severe cold and changes in the weather along with dirt, pollution, and even vandalism.

Cars parked in the outdoors are more exposed to the elements of weather which can wain on your car’s cosmetic longevity and can commonly cause dull and faded paint.


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