Top Best Dent Removal Kit Solution For Home

See how easy it is to remove dents from your car and save mountains of money from paying body shop services.

When life gives you lemons then it means you probably got a dent on your car or truck in the last week. You’re bothered by the mere sight of the paint crater that has damaged your pride and joy. Now, you’re probably freaking out about the expensive cost its going to take to get a body shop to fix the dent.

We know exactly what you are going through and, before you start asking for quotes at your local car body shop we are going to show you how you can remove dents and small dings yourself with a few of these do-it-yourself kits that makes dent removal easier, and much more affordable for car owners to fix their car on a budget and, without worry about damaging their car further.

Dent removing kits come at a variety of price ranges and while there are some better than others its important to note that not all of them make the job easy.

After reading this article about DIY ding removing then you are able to order the best kit for the job so you can rest at night knowing your vehicle is back to stock condition.

Wanna know the best thing about debt removal kits is that they can be used on virtually any surface that can have a dent repaired like a refrigerator, white-goods like washing machines, even motorbikes and practically any metal sheet surface that can have dents removed.

If you want to save money on dent repair then this is the best resource about repairing your car, fridge, motorbike you will read all day. Ready to get into it?

Painless Plunger Dent remover kit

This kit is big, and normally come with 45 to 100 piece kit, full of different plungers or glue tabs as they are commonly known. With all these pieces you will be able to fix an array of different sized dents and dings on virtually any quarter panel of your vehicle without taking any panels off. The dent puller mechanism is heavy-duty and is comparative to professional body shop equipment without spending a fortune on equipment.

How to use the dent removing kit?

use the hot glue gun to apply one of many tabs on the area of the dent where you will place the dent puller over the area to knock out the dent with no effort. It is important to use the correct sized glue tab to assure the dent will be effectively fixed, yet, all this information can be found in the manual.

Paintless Dent Repair Kit Pen

While the GS dent pen is completely different from the dent plunger contraption as you saw previously, the pen is used for dents that can be tapped out with a hammer from the inner side of the panel. While this kit is not ideal for many people looking for a quick solution, because it requires the user to physically get access to the backside of the panel to get the result. If you are an experienced car restorator or hobby car tinker then you may find this solution ideal for you.
The only other tool you need for this is a quality hammer, ideally a ball pean hammer for optimum results.

What should I do if none of these DIY dent removing kits dont work?

If your vehicle has been in a serious collision then dent removing kits wont help you. These kits only help for single dents on panels where the panel can be un-dented.

If these kits dont work for you then it is highly recommended to:
If you like tinkering with cars then you may not have a problem using craigslist, ebay and wreck yards to source a replacement panel for your car.

If you have no way of fixing the problem yourself then you may have to see a professional car body shop who can help you remove a big portion of dents, and who can also find replaceable panels in case they are not repairable.

Can I claim dents and dings on my car insurance

Depending on your policy, but many drivers who opt for the full comprehensive policy can get body shop work covered, at the expense of high yearly premiums. However, depending on your situation it is best to speak to your auto insurance rep to see if your dents and dings qualify to make a claim.