Faded Paint Restoration Products Ultimate Guide

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Cars are valuable assets for most people in the modern age and it’s not difficult to see why this is so; cars offer so much as many people’s cars are statement pieces, but we don’t need to get into the human psychology of materialism in this article.

See, Often times car owners do all that’s possible to keep their vehicles in the best possible shape for the possibility of resale. However, it can be in a short that car paint job begins to fade and this becomes a huge pet peeve for car owners who go the extra mile for their car’s upkeep.

It’s just not about the paint, there tends to be a general depreciation in terms of the general appearance of the vehicle like scratches, as well as dents of all manners of shapes and sizes that eventually begin to appear on different parts of the vehicle during the time its being used. While many people say it builds character there are many people who can’t stand these little imperfections.

Car owners often begin to question their car maintenance ability as they begin to wonder how problems like faded paint can happen even when they’ve gone the extra time to maintain their cars detailing.

Yet, damages still occurred despite their best efforts. However, not all of the car paint fade is as a result of carelessness as there are several other factors that could be responsible for car paint degradation as a result of oxidization.

Top 5 Reasons why your car paint fades

This article takes a detailed look at those factors that militate towards the fading of car paint as well as possible solutions when the need arises.

1. Sunlight

Most cars tend to lose their shine when there’s extended exposure to sunlight. This change is even more rapid when the car is often left exposed to the stinging rays of the sun; the fading occurs as a result of the reaction between the paint and the UV radiation emanating from the sun.

The reaction is even more pronounced in sunny climates where there’s usually an extended period of sunshine; havoc is caused on the car through constant oxidation and the paint job starts to fade prematurely. When oxidation happens repeatedly, the car in question begins to spot a foggy or milky look and then the fade becomes quite obvious. However, oxidation tends to occur more when the colour of the paint is red or black.

2. Improperly washing your car

There are different kinds of car wash and some of these car washes simply do not help matters. A large percentage employ the use of extremely strong detergents in a bid to get the dirt off quickly; however, some of these detergents slowly strip away layers of sealant and wax meant to protect the car’s paint job.

3. Use of Rough Spongest or Brushes To Clean

It’s commonplace to see certain persons demand the toughest of brushes when they want to buy a brush for scrubbing their cars. While these brushes have a great effect when it comes to ridding the car of dirt, there’s usually bad aftermath. These brushes slowly wear off protective layers of the paint job on your car without you knowing.

4. Pollution creating pain discoloration

There are a lot of pollutants hovering around the atmosphere and you never can tell which particular one might prove harmful to your car’s paint job. Even if it does not become obvious immediately, some of these pollutants slowly react with the chemicals in the paint and subsequently leave a huge dent in your car. This scenario is usually more pronounced around areas with a lot of traffic. Furthermore, areas around oceans are also prone to salt being evaporated from the sea and salt leads to oxidation on the paintwork of your car. And if you have ever been to a seaside town you may have seen a lot of rust and decay on buildings and especially cars.

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5. Leaving the car uncovered

As earlier mentioned, oxidation plays a huge part in the wearing off of a car’s paint job and leaving the car exposed definitely doesn’t help matters. A good thing to do is to park in a shade; however, even shades might not be enough from shielding the car from oxidation agents on the long haul.
What to do about fading paint when it occurs

Car paint detailing and restoration is now as easy as it gets and it only takes a few steps to have a completely rebranded car. Here’s a thorough explanation on what to do if you’re looking to restore the paint on your car.

How to fix faded car paint

Wash the car thoroughly: While this might sound odd, it’s really important. Washing the car thoroughly using a soft sponge helps to clear any remaining debris that might have been accumulated on the body of the car. This debris isn’t just limited to dust and dirt but also oil, bugs, fingerprints as well as other particles. A good dishwashing liquid should suffice and it is even better if the car is washed twice.

Surface contaminants should be removed: Having given the car a thorough washing, there’s still a need to remove certain contaminants on the body of the car that might have escaped normal washing. These surface contaminants include pollutants, soot, tar and other substances not visible to the eye.

A good way to get rid of such contaminants that have become glued to your car is by making use of detailing clay. The detailing clay plays a huge role in the car restoration process and it works in such a way that contaminants are removed without any effect on the paint of your car.

Make the paint glossy again: You might now want to get rid of those scratches, marks, and dents by applying a good amount of quality car polish. There is top car detailing polishes on the market and dual-action polisher tends to give enhanced results.

Apply Sealant: If you truly desire to ensure that your paint job remains as sharp and crisp as you desire, the use of sealant is greatly recommended. Sealants can guarantee the protection of your car paint job from oxidizing agents for several months.

A good brand of sealant is Wolfgang Deep Gloss Paint Sealant.

Top 4 Car detailing Products

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Where to get a proper car detailing service?

Getting the glossy finish back on your car by yourself might seem a bit strenuous and hard to do without the right skills and professional equipment.

And that’s why there is a professional car detailing services that can be easily found near you. Its important that you check the online reviews of the local detailing shops near you so you know you are dealing with the right business who can provide you with good service.


Scratches and dents on cars are not usually a good sight. However, car paint can be restored in no time if the proper procedures are followed. Either you go to a pro detailing service or you take the DIY tips have been carefully explained in this article.

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