Best Automotive Touch Up Paints – Top 5 Fixes

Cars are among our cherished possessions, not only because they are for many the best mode of transport, car ownership takes on a life of its own in terms of upkeep and caring for it. If you don’t refer to you’re car as he or she then whether you like it or not, they need to be maintained to keep it mechanically sound, but what about regular touch-ups to the paint?

There are many ways and scenarios im which you could damage your car and its not always your fault, and when it does happen the repair costs for a few scratches or paint chips can cost hundreds, even thousands to fix their dala

especially when there is any slight damage. If your current vehicle has carried on for a full year plus and still without a scratch, then you must be lucky. This is because most car owners can confirm their vehicle was scratch within its first year despite maintaining all driving rules. This is the point when a touch-up paint is needed because it can eliminate scratches and in turn ease the renovation cost at any mechanic workshop.

Furthermore, it will hinder rust from affecting the car structure metal when it is applied appropriately. Also, it will not be seen easily because the car will appear as a brand new one. If you intend to eliminate any vehicle scratch and reinstate the former look, you must purchase the best touch up paint and carefully apply it.

Making a selection on the paint to purchase won’t be easy because many brands are in the market. The corresponding color together with the paint quality are other things you’ve to consider. In this write-up, various touch-up paints for automotive vehicles will be discussed.


Despite the abrasions or small chips damage you might have experienced on your vehicle, there are numerous touch-up paint brands in the market. Either medium or long scratches can be brushed swiftly with paint; for instance, spray containers can be used to fix large areas. However, if you intend to re-paint your car’s body, then larger quantities of paint must be purchased together with a spray gun.

When you want to purchase, ensure the quality is good because cheap brands will not offer an expert outcome you intend to see. Superior touch up paint doesn’t mean it will be costly; there are affordable custom fitted touch up paints. Below are trademarks of touch up paint to consider;

Touch-Up Paint Pens

In the automotive repair industry, it’s common to use this type of paint because it’s affordable and never dry out. Aside from this, it works best on scratches or small chips with precision. You can identify original touch-up pens from their special tip, which is fabricated to simplify the application, allow multiple usages and prevent it from mottling.

It’s essential to note that touch up pens are appropriate for damages that can be equated to a pencil eraser. You can certainly keep it inside your car peradventure you urgently need to apply it on a particular area of your car.

Touch-Up Bottle

This category comes in handy when the damage is larger than a pencil eraser. It can be identified from the brush attached to the bottle cap. You still need to be cautious because the majority of the brushes are manufactured with low-quality products which indirectly makes it tough to use, especially in thin coat painting. When applied like that, the outcome often results in blob which can’t be hidden on the vehicle. You can basically use a simple art brush which makes it stress-free to apply instead of using a fake brush. It takes up to 4 to 6 months for the bottle paint to totally dry out.

Spray Cans

This category of paint is utilized when either of the two types mentioned above is not available. The unique thing about using spray cans, it fixes even a small scratch. This is done by simply spraying a little quantity into a little container and then making use of an art brush for the application.

Furthermore, another good advantage is that it’s difficult for them to dry out, but it needs to be preserved in a cool environment, so it does not overheat. Meaning it shouldn’t be preserved in a car because there is the propensity to get too hot during the summer and get frozen during winter.

Aerosol Paint

This is stress-free to use, but among other categories, the usage is always messy. However, if you still intend to use it, you must maintain a reasonable distance for it to disperse the colors well. The outcome of the previous applicators is better when compared to this category of paints.

Paint Brush Touch-Up Kits

Ranges of paintbrush abound in the market. For instance, some comprise of a finer felt-like tip while others are produced with fibers. But this won’t prevent you from making use of it once the product quality is topnotch. The only challenge is that during the application, it will be thickly, which in turn will make it challenging to tone with your paintwork.

Scratch Removers

This is particularly created to eliminate scratches instead of entirely concealing it with paint. However, this is more appropriate for small scratches when compared to deeper ones that require an expert touch. The advantage is that it can be used on any vehicle and you can completely wipe it out at your discretion.

With just one spray container, you can cover about 2 1⁄2 square feet surface. It’s advisable during purchase to go for those whose nozzle specifically constructed to spray like a vertical fan. This is similar to those used by experts in a standard mechanic workshop. Though you may not likely get the same result but to a large extent, with it, the after-effect will be smooth. As a safety tip, remember to always clean the nozzle properly to prevent it from clogging. To do this, you can flip the can upside down and continuously spray it until it completely clears out.


There are various reasons why you should consider utilizing touch up paint. Some of them are as follows;

It is less expensive – This method obviously will cost you less when compared to engaging the services of a professional. This is because a professional will still charge you a standard amount whether the scratch is minor or deep. However, with just a bottle, you spend less and in turn save your money.

Expediency factor – Not only will engage the services of a professional be costly; you’ll lose man-hour time when your car is not with you. This is often difficult, especially for those that have a busy routine. But with this paint, it will be ever ready to use at whatever time the need arises. The minor jobs won’t take any of your time.

No time commitment – Similar to the points mentioned above, deciding to take your car to the mechanic workshop involves time. In fact, you need to be given an appointment at their free time, and then your car must be left with them for days or some hours subject to the extent of the damage. The DIY technique is swift and remains an easy method to take.

Takes superior care of your Car – Engaging the services of a repair mechanic involves much financial commitment together with huge time. However, if you neglect nicks, chips, or even scratches without taking an immediate step to get it repaired, rust can creep in which will end up turning to a more severe problem. Hence, it’s preferable to try and repair them as they show up with handy touch up paints. This will go a long way in preserving your car’s painting job.

Not tough to use – You do not require any professional skill set to utilize a touch-up paint. Despite the technique you intend to use, none should be too complex. All that is required is to carefully follow the simple directives. In fact, the majority of manufactures make their products easy to use.


The truth is that majority of touch up paints are not manufactured equally, in case you’re still in doubt on the particular brand to go for, below are few things you might want to consider before making any purchase.

Your Car’s brand– There is a particular touch-up paint for any brand of car while others are for a specific color. Though your car’s brand might not be the cheapest to purchase but it will turn out to be the product that will closely be related to your painting job. When you’re ready for a particular paint, it’s essential to carefully check to ensure the color is precisely the match. Alternately, check your car manual to be certain concerning the color code. This information is boldly written in your car manual.

Method of Application – Every painting has its own unique application method. So for an effective outcome, it’s vital to select the most suitable one for it. For instance, in a situation where your car has slight scratches, a pen applicator will deliver the best result when it comes to concealing it. Nevertheless, for longer or extreme scratches, touch up paint with a brush can handle it effectively.

Resistance – There are diverse things to think through as regards to paint’s resistance. An improved paint should not only be impervious to corrosion, but it should also be for UV rays too. Furthermore, the paint should tolerate heat. This is significant because you’ll still drive your car under hot conditions. Checking of water resistance is also important as well.

The duration it needs to dry – The paint’s drying time should be checked to ascertain the required time it needs to dry. This is essential to be sure before applying different layers. For paints that dry very fast, the minimum time required to dry is 30 minutes. With this, you can effortlessly apply numerous layers. Aside from this, you need to understand that before waxing your car, you should allow it last for at least a month.

Color Code – When it comes to purchasing a paint, this is among the major factor that matter because the purchased color code must match the original car paint on the body of the vehicle. The implication is that the outcome will obviously be messy when the color code didn’t match. So before entering that shop to purchase any touch-up paint, being aware of the code of your vehicle is important.

The Scratch Depth – Bearing in mind the depth of the scratch is also important as you obtain a touch-up paint for eliminating the scratch on your car. Most of these paints are not all that deep. This will be a total waste of resources when the purchase is made without checking the depth. So ensure the touch up will be enough to repair the scratch before making any purchase.

Aside from all these factors listed above, other factors still need to be considered. For instance; review is given by various users, price of the paint, review by different expert etc. So it’s imperative you pay attention to these to make a better buying decision.

3 Best Touch Up Paint Brands


This brand has been in existence since 1938. The company makes wonderful products intended to mask scratches and dings on any vehicle. They also make some collective formulations making Dupli-Color products ideal for practically every brand of car. Some of their common products consist of; Universal White design and Universal Black Gloss Ideal Match Paint.


The Company has been in existence since 1937, and they’re still growing stronger with record-breaking products like touch up paint pen (black). They’re known to make customized products for major vehicle manufacturers like Jeep, Chrysler, Dodge, and Alfa Romeo cars. This means that Mopar’s touch up paints are among some of the finest products obtainable in the market as a result of their excellence fit.

Touch-up direct

This is an online company that is well known to produce ground-breaking comprehensive paint kits for any brand of vehicle. They became so popular because of their color match, which is a necessity for automotive paint needs. Some of their popular choices are as follows; Exact Match Kit and the Essential Package. These are obtainable in a wide-ranging color.


DUPLI Color Universal Gloss

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This paint has been around for some time with commendable customer satisfaction. It is also easy to apply this superior paint on your vehicle, whether you’re a professional or not. This aerosol-type acrylic spray is uniquely formulated, which makes it a perfect factory fit for the majority of vehicles.

It comprises an adjustable nozzle that can rotate 360-degree. With this, large areas can be easily covered with a smooth surface. You can get these car sprays in OEM exact color match which means you won’t have any issue finding the suitable color code for your car which is ideal especially for large touch-up jobs. It can easily dry within 30 minutes of application on your vehicle and sits properly well in less than an hour. In other words, you can take your time without any form of hesitation.


  • Top-notch match with OEM colors.
  • A wide range of smoothing painting is covered.
  • It does not take too much time to dry.
  • It is not difficult to apply to any car.
  • Suitable for motorbikes as well.


  • The spray nozzle tends to develop a fault at some point.
  • You’ll find it difficult to use it on small nicks and scratch.

Swirl Remover And Carfidant Scratch 

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Touch up paint can also serve as a restorer aside from using it for swirls and scratches because of how gentle the manufacturer made it to be. In other words, you need not to be tensed concerning the paint. The manufacturer attached a butter pad for application, and it is really made it easy to apply.

During application, what you need to do is to gently spray a few quantities of the paint restorer on the attached buffer pad. Next is to decide the surface to work on and rub the pad there. This application will eliminate any little swirl or scratch you intend to remove, and the outcome will produce a fine surface. Apart from this, the original gloss of the paint will be restored.

Another thing you must understand is that premium chemicals are used to manufacture this touch-up paint. Meaning various unnecessary chemicals were avoided in producing this paint. Also, the formulation is friendly on vehicles and not harsh to the original car paint. This makes it more suitable to be applied on any painted surface.


  • This formulation works perfectly as a painting restorer and as well a scratch remover.
  • It is not harsh on any category of paints.
  • It restores the initial shine of your vehicle.
  • It does not produce any superfluous scents.


  • It is not ideal for any deep scratch.

ERA Paints Automotive Touch Up Paint Kit

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An ERA is a durable paint and a perfect match for any vehicle. The company does all it takes to help their customers and potential customers search and find the ideal code for their vehicle through their outstanding customer service. They do this by providing comprehensive tips for you to achieve your desired result. This paint is wrapped up in a 0.25 ounces jar in two variations; paint test match card and blue shop towel. Each of these variations is custom mixed, which makes it an ideal formulation to hide minor dings, scratches and even rock chips. There are options for any vehicles.

Despite all these advantages, it has a disadvantage you need to be aware of. The major one is that you’ll need beyond the paint. Meaning a clear coat will be needed together with the paint to attain an OEM level of sheen and protection. Aside from that, it’s difficult to make use of the applicator. You need to rehearse before you commence the real painting job on the surface of your vehicle.

Mopar OEM Touch Up Paint

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This is packaged in a unique 0.5 ounces of a self-contained bottle. The unique thing about this paint is how the colors are properly matched in line with the vehicle manufacturer. To recognize this, you’ll get to see a medium applicator brush attached on top of the bottle. The vehicle brands you can easily get the color codes are Ram, Dodge, Jeep and Chrysler vehicles.

With the applicator attached to the bottle, you can easily touch up little door dings or rock chips. Another unique thing about the special combination of the bottle and the applicator is the precision it brings during application. Furthermore, the bottle’s design makes it perfect for painting smaller affected areas. For instance, areas like a license plate, light mounts, antenna mount etc.

The only challenge with their design is that you need to be extra careful as you apply it or else the paint will unnecessarily spread to unwanted surfaces. In other words, the paint and the surface you intend to paint will likely be a complete mess, which means that small applicators are not suitable for various smaller tasks. To have a swift application, you need to purchase a different clear coat, especially if you expect a perfect blend job.

Touch Up Express Paint

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Whatever your selected formulations you pick you’ll receive a one-pint container when you order this product. The color that will be delivered won’t be different from your vehicle’s OEM. So depending on your vehicle’s brand, you need to purchase a specific color code. A clear coat can be applied when the paint dries up. But it’s not actually compulsory.

The non-compulsory urethane hardener can be purchased to improve the performance and sturdiness of the paint. The importance of this extra addition is that it produces a preferable outcome. The paint’s quality is top-notch. What is required from you is just to be cautious during the application to give a professional look?

The paint’s size can be considered as a disadvantage because the quantity is always much. For instance, if you intend to mask little scratch, you’ll finish your application, but the remaining paint will certainly go bad before the next use unless you finally get rid of your car. So the size is more preferable for all-encompassing painting that comprises the complete car body. A piece of special equipment such as a sprayer is required to apply this paint.

Dupli-Color AFM0360 Dark Shadow Gray Ford Touch-Up Paint

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This is another combined performer from Dupli-Color is AFM0360. It is a pen-type paint that has everything required. With this product, you won’t experience any drawback associated with handling separate things for different objectives.

They produced this pen-type paint with three main distinctive features that you must need once you’re a motorcycle or car owner. You’ll get to identify this product from the abrasive prep tip which will help you eliminate any loose rust and then enable you to paint with ease. Aside from this, with the tip, you can work on any scratch and no sign will remain.

Furthermore, you won’t have any challenge working with larger chips because the end of the brush functions perfectly. With the exact color match, any painting done will not be visible because the outcome will be the same as the manufacturer’s paint. In other words, nobody will ever trace that a touch up was carried out anywhere on your car. Furthermore, the added clear coat on the seal helps protect the paint from any debris or dust until it gets exhausted.

Already, the shape, which is a pen-style, makes handling it easy to use for any application on your car surface. With this, you won’t encounter any challenge at the process of restoring any scratch because you’ll feel so comfortable without a problem.


  • It’s a complete touch-up paint.
  • Any available color(s) has a match.
  • The design is Pen-style for comfy use.
  • Scratches and sips are easily erased.


  • Working on a hard surface is challenging.


It is advisable to take your time and practice the application technique on a different surface. This strategy will help you to perfect yourself. When you’re done, then decide on when the real application will be carried out. You must select an environment that has low humidity, has no sun and fairly precise temperature. For instance, if you’re using pens or brushes, then a temperature of 50F is advisable. Alternatively, if your touch up paint is a spray, then a minimum temperature of 70F is needed.

Now that you’re ready, wipe the area appropriately with either grease remover, wax, or even soap. In a situation where there is rust, use sandpaper (preferably a 220 grit). When this is not handy, you can still make use of a wire brush. The next is to add your primer, which should be allowed for a minimum of 20 minutes to enable it properly take hold.

This is now the time to add your automotive paint which must be in a thin layer. Repeat the procedure until you’ve created a height proportional to the entire car paint. When this is done, the work should be left for 20 minutes or more. When it is dry, float a clear coat directly on the applied paint. After a minimum of three days, apply a rubbing compound which is also referred to as a cutting crème exactly on the area painted. This is essential because it will help it to be smooth, shiny and also appear professional. For at least one month, ensure you stay away from waxing the entire car.


The importance of touch-up paint can never be overemphasized because of the fortification and preservation it brings to the original car paint. To a large extent, this write-up must have given you an idea on how to make a good buying decision when it comes to touch up paint.

No matter the brand you later decide on, ensure you wisely make this decision to bring the shiny look back to your vehicle. Finally, with patience, you can effectively fix any scratch on your car, which in turn will preserve your car’s value and also save you from unnecessary spending.


To find a solution to paint peeling, do I need a touch-up paint?

What leads to paint peeling is when clear coat wears off. Painting the entire area is advisable if you want to prevent further damage. In other words, in this situation, you need to repaint the vehicle out rightly.

Can touch up paint actually cover rust?

For rust, you must remove all visible signs of rust on your vehicle and then apply your paint over a clean and prepared surface.

After applying my paint, can I still detail it?

Before you detail, you need to wait for a while for the paint to settle. According to experts, it is ideal to allow 30days before you can decide to detail it.

How long does will an applied touch up paint last on my vehicle?

When the application is done with quality products considering all the necessary techniques under ideal conditions, then it should last between one year or two. But when the work is done by an expert, it can stretch to four years which is the standard in the industry.

After applying touch-up paint, Can I Wax my car?

The fact is that waxing protects the paintwork on your car but it often affects a proper touch-up job. So it’s advisable to remove any old wax on your vehicle when you want to touch up a scratch. Once done, we suggest you wait for at least 30 days before you wax your car again. This will give the paint adequate time to settle.

Is touch up paint worth the stress?

Touch-up paint remains the perfect solution if there are few scratches on your vehicle. It makes cars be in their best shape again without necessarily spending much of your resources. But if you’re buoyant enough, you can engage the services of a professional.

During touch-up, do I need a primer?

The function of a primer is to protect a metal surface from rusting. Aside from this, it provides a platform on which the applied stick paint can adhere. Therefore, it is not compulsory to apply paint primer if the scratch is not extended to the bare metal of the car. By simply sanding or even washing the affected area, the rust will be eliminated.

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