How to Fix Car Paint Scuffs With Toothpaste

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Whether its a scrape on the side of the front bumper or rear bumper, on parking stops or on a bike messenger. Accidents happen and it can cause a dent, scuff and it can make it tricky to erase the evidence of a scrape.

So what to do if you want to restore the paint job on a scratched surface? There are many ways you can go about repairing a paint scuff however it can cost a small fortune by going to the car body shop without searching for the DIY home methods that can save you a few hundred dollars on scratch panel repair services.

Can You Repair Car Paint scuffs with Toothpaste?

You can repair scuff marks on your paint with toothpaste with the exception of large and deep scuff marks that will need additional bodywork to work out the rough edges and reapply the paint with a color-matched finish.

The professional trick to tell if a scratch is too deep to fix with toothpaste, if you can scratch large chunks of paint off with your fingernail then it generally means that the toothpaste trick won’t work.

If you have a few paint scratch marks that reside on the top layer of the clear coat then you will find that this method works great for an easy DIY project that has absolutely no risk of damaging your paint.

First, get a small dab of white toothpaste and rub it on a cloth and apply it to the area that needs treatment. If you apply enough you will find many surface scratches with disappearing as you rub it into the panel.
Toothpaste can create a beautiful gloss finish back to your car panel that fills the open gaps in the pain and also does a great job in clearing any debris like dirt and paint chips in the crevasses to bring out a stellar finish.

Rinse and repeat the process in one sitting to get the optimum results. Be mindful that its not going to be perfect for all scratches but if you would be wrong that if this was a perfect all-round solution because while it can help with smoothing out existing scratches, its not a permanent solution for deep chipped scratches.

How To Repair Scratched Bumper Bar With Toothpaste?

If you are not young enough to know what a compact disc is aka CD, even DVD’s and blue rays disks, then you may know the same toothpaste hack that can restore these disk products with ease. It removes the delicate surface of a disc surface to help remove any problem scratches that cause read and wrist issues.

Can toothpaste ruin your car’s paint?

So can toothpaste damage your car’s paintwork? and the answer is toothpaste doesn’t typically damage your car paint unless your car panel is already damaged, and the bare metal under the paint is exposed to the elements that can lead to rust and corrosion.

How WD40 removes a car paint scuff

If your car has had a light scuff that hasn’t scratched the panel and has taken the paint off someone else car then you can trust WD40 to remove the transferred paint from your car with ease.


If you want to fix any paint scratches and scuffs without the inconvenience of spending hundreds of dollars on repairs then you have 3 great options which include toothpaste, WD40 and even the choice of traying Never Scratch to help provide a semi-permanent repair option for repairing car paint scuffs.

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