How To Fix Deep Scratches On Car Door

You’re not here because of some itty bitty surface scratches, that are normally hard to see. Its the fact of life when you are a car owner, your car is going to pick up a few light scratches along the way either from car door locks and everyday use.

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Yet we are talking about the deep scratches that have been caused by a nasty side swipe on a pole or the more nefarious key scratches.

The worst place a deep scratch can be is on the car door because its always in plain sight and a constant reminder of the story behind it. It’s like rubbing salt in the wound every time you see it and it seemingly only goes away when you take it into a body repair shop. Spending hundreds even sometimes costing a few thousand dollars to fix a deep car door scratch.

But don’t let another scrape or nasty human ruin your day because there are ways to fix deep car door scratches without spending too much money
You may only get away with spending $50 dollars to repair and touch up a scratch on the car door.

Let’s backtrack, a few years ago there was no DIY scratch repair/touch up kits for automobiles. You had the choice to spend a lot of money on repairs or to do nothing and wear it.

In this post, we will be revealing a secret that virtually all car sales lots, body detailers and car restorers/enthusiasts use to resolve a deep scratch on their vehicles door paint.

Is it difficult to remove scratches from your vehicle’s door?

It’s little known by many car owners that it can be much easier than you ever thought, however, the products that offer this scratch removal result are not always good options. And you may have heard about the common ways on how to cover up a car scratch on your car.

4 Top ways to remove deep scratches

1. Toothpaste on scratches?

You’ve seen it mentioned online. Options like toothpaste have been passed around the web like it was the permanent solution. But while it temporarily makes a scratch disappear it doesn’t last long. Use toothpaste at your own risk because it may discolor the paint.

2. Duct Tape (please don’t do this)

If there was anything that could draw more attention to your cars scratch it’s putting duct tape over it. If someone has advised and you are considering it, then my guess is you’re not here reading this post.

3. Spray paint (yikes!)

You may have been tempted to go down to your local home depot to pick up a spray can or too to try covering the problem. Yikes, if there is one way to make your car look like a beater then this is the way to do it.
Spraying your car scratch will not improve the look of your car, you will probably end up doing more damage to your cars paint from overspray.

That said if you are a talented painter who knows what they are doing then spraying your car and using buffering techniques to make a clean finish. Chances are you don’t have the buffer heads and the right skill so I would recommend not exploring this option.

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4. Commission an artist to paint or airbrush over a scratch

While this is upmost people’s creative tastes, like covering up an aged tattoo that probably shouldn’t have happened in the first place. The option to turn a scratch into a piece of art is not an ideal solution for most people.

If you have a respectable job and your car is something your customers or clients first see then the first impression of everything.
However if you a free-spirited person who doesn’t need a respectable looking car then you may find this option a good way to tap into your artistic flair. Based on the average joes, I cannot recommend this option as you are not dealing with the scratch at hand. If a scratch is not handled the right way then you risk surface corrosion.

What’s the best product to repair a scratch on the car door?

You may have seen some known brands touting a one-stop-solution product to make scratches disappear. But the truth is that it may work for surface scratches and no deep scratches.

It is paramount to use high-quality repair kits for scratches on your doors, we have experimented with a few other scratch repair touch up kits here. Check out the mentioned body compounds here.

If you want to repair deep scratches from home and save money and time, while getting a quality result then read on.

The tricky and overlooking problem with many other scratch kits is that they don’t act well with debt scratches and that’s why Never Scratch is the best.

Upon buying any product, it’s important to determine if the scratch has pierced the base coat and if so it needs to be handled according, by sealing it with a reliable grind sand compound.

The grind sand compound is an active formula the gets in the grove on the scratch and acts as a sealing agent to prevent corrosion. Using patented technology without needing to repaint, color match and sand back your door panels. The Never Scratch formula seals the scratch up leaving a smooth to the touch and glimmering finish.

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Don’t waste money on scratch kits that don’t work, Try this instead!

Never Scratch has been used across the united states, giving car shops, body detailers and sales lots the advantage to patch up any scratches for cheap.

Never Scratch has been used in the car, boat and motorcycle detailing business for the past 4 years and now we are finally opening our professional line to the public.

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3 Alternatives

However if you are looking for alternatives that also have great customer reviews then check out the following products below, for most of your scratch repair needs.

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