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On the road out there, it has always been a jungle when it comes to driving which makes paint chips repair a necessity. The acceptable fact when it comes to driving is that no matter how careful you tend to be, all cars are vulnerable to road rash whether your car brand is BMW, Volvo, Land Rover etc. All vehicle must experience paint scratches on the body of the car by either grit or even loose stone chips from the road. Table could not be displayed. Fortunately, you might not need to bother yourself much because there is a better way you can get your car to its original state after experiencing a deep scratch or a paint chip. Just as vehicles have different brands, paint chips are also in various sizes and forms. For superior results, using the correct tools is the key for any chip repair. As a car devotee searching for a preferred way to improve your priced possessions (your cars) or someone interested in retaining his/her car’s value, fixing any scratch together with paint chips is essential to maintain the general value and beauty of your vehicle. In this write-up, we’ll discuss a few car paint chips you can make use of to fix these scratches yourself.

Who needs a Paint Chip Repair Kit?

To those that have never painted their car(s) before now or seen the process in a mechanic workshop, the truth is that the procedure is more complicated than getting your kitchen repainted. Automobile painting jobs comprise of base coats, clear coats, a primer which at some point might involve different layers. All these procedures must be done with the correct chemical mixture to maintain your vehicle and as well reduce any environmental disaster. Paint chip repair kits remain the proven way to eradicate this complexity. These are uniquely formulated mixture required to fix swirls, scratch and chips which in turn, restore your car’s original paint.

There are other benefits of these kits too, which include the following:

  • Save cash – The truth is that in the automobile industry, cosmetic repairs are among likely repairs that involve overcharges. By purchasing your own repair kits, you’ll end up spending less compared to what a mechanic professional will charge you to fix just a little scratch on your car.
  • Laid down instruction – You can walk into a shop that deals on paint and purchase suitable paint for your car, but in the application process, you’re bound to experience many errors. This is not the case with a well-known repair kit. With this, you’ll eliminate many mistakes because it comprises of a step by step directives on how to go about it.
  • Restores your car to its original shape – You’ll agree with me that paint chips are one of the worst and embarrassing things to happen to your vehicle. At some point, you’ll wish to close your eyes so all of them could just disappear. This is where paint chip repair kits come in handy.
  • Enhance your vehicle – Majority of car owners think you need to spend much money just to make your car look brand new. There is an element of truth in this, but the fact is that your vehicle can still look better without having to empty your pocket or even spend much time.
  • Cap your paint and avoid corrosion – The essence of application of clear coats by various automobile manufactures is to maintain the underneath from any harsh conditions. In a situation where the clear coat experiences a breach, rust or corrosion will slightly creep in, thereby destroying the metals beneath your car’s paint.
  • Paint appearance-enhancement before the application of a clear bra – With a known paint chip repair kits, you can actually attain an even painting job underneath the clear bra. A clear bra by explanation is the best way to avert front-end destruction as well as rock chips.
  • Affordable substitute to a new paint task – Its always challenging to preserve the paint of your vehicle. This entails ensuring your vehicle is repainted every now and then. This actually involves a lot of funds. Rather than investing so much in repainting only to have few defects reappear, it is preferable to invest your limited resources in paint chip repair kits.

3 Difference Types Of Paint Chip Kits

The essence of a chip solution is to bring back your car paint to its original state. What makes this a reality is whether the kit comprises a paint or not. In most cases, there will be paint among the kit while sometimes you’ll get everything you need within the kits aside paint. Therefore, don’t assume you’ll receive the actual colored coat no matter which brand you later settle for. This can be quickly confirmed from the dealership without much stress.
  • Touch-Up Pens – This category of repair kits can be likened to using a detergent pen to get rid of an unwanted stain from your shirt. With this applicators, you can easily determine the direction of touch-up paint. They’re more suitable for scratches, smaller chip or impair which tend to occur at some hard to reach corners of your vehicle. Aside from the fact they’re ideal for precision, it takes much time using them for either minor or significant chip repair. In other words, what you’re actually doing is to color using a sharpie rather than a paintbrush. You’ll also enjoy using a pen because it dries and seals up very fast merely because it involves less.
  • Touch-Up Brushes – With a brush, you can cover more surface within a short period of time but without precision. You’ll get to identify it because they’re just like nail brushes or even standard paint brushes suitable for concealing larger chips. Most of these brush-tip applicators in most cases comprises of a paint bottle provided by the dealer. This means that they’re a suitable beginning choice. Even if there is a bottle attached to the brush, you still need to be aware that a chip repair kit can also comprise of wider applicators that are more versatile.
  • Full Kits – To get a comprehensive solution, you must go for the larger box that comprises a paint. So if by chance you tend to see repair kit on Amazon for instance that appear the same, don’t worry about it because they’re actually the same, but the distinguishing factor is just the paint color. Some tools you may likely see in this full kit are; buffer sponges, applicators, cloths, paint sealant, prepaint, excess paint remover, wax and cleaning solution. Therefore, with your correct vehicle’s OEM, you can actually find the exact color code.

2 Highest Rated Paint Chip Kit Removal Brands

  • LANGKA – This company was established in 1996 with their base at Washington DC. Their specialty is in paint chip together with scratch repair. You can check their Blob eliminator package suitable for finding a solution to simple paint chips. It comprises of touch-up paint for any brand of vehicle.
  • PAINT2FIX – This is apparently a newcomer in the industry that has a product for an array of vehicle brands. They’re known to provide an exact match when it comes to touch up paints for especially needed for repainting an entire car. Their headquarters is in Delaware.

Price ranges

  • $10 range – It will be tough to get a chip repair kit within this price range; instead, you can buy an applicator tip with it. In the market, you’ll get to see various applicator tip. You can also go for a full box of cotton swabs.
  • Between $12-$20 – With this budget, you can actually get a touch-up paint pen which will help you fill up any paint chips. Note that what you’ll receive is only the touch-up paint.
  • Between $30-$70 – With a $50 budget, you can buy the majority of repair kits for some vehicle brands such as Toyota, BMW or Honda. But they tend to be a bit expensive (up to $65). Hence, the quality differs based on the price.


The first thing to be done before purchasing a paint repair kit is to resolve specifically what you need. For instance, you need to check for these,
  • If the damage is just on the surface
  • Did it extend to the metal?
  • The budget you can afford
  • Whether you’ll save some money buying it separately or as a complete kit.
Here’s What to look out for:
  • User Friendliness of the Kits – The user-friendliness must be concise with clear instructions to follow. This is because people are still not familiar with this job. It should be precise without any form of complications. Ensure the product you intend to purchase has a vivid guideline provided by the manufacturer. In a situation where the guide is not included within kit, there should be an online guide available on their website. In fact, if you even have to search for subjective options through YouTube, please do so. Furthermore, the tools need to be comfortable for home use, so examine it properly. For instance, the last thing you might want to experience is a sealant that is leaking or sponge that has almost fallen apart.
  • Your Safety – The product should not be harmful to you, others, or even affect your environment. In as much as automobile paints have improved over the years, it’s still advisable to use it in an open area. Don’t put it close to your children or pets and it must be disposed after use. For instance, products that contain Urethane and Enamels is safe on human health and also won’t pollute the environment. So preferably, ensure the kit you intend to purchase is made up of these two harmless chemicals.
  • Size of the area to repair – Most times what to fix might be so complicated from cleaning unpleasant swirls to correctly filling in an entire chipped-off region with metals developing beneath. All of these tasks require various tools. For instance, some minor scratches can be easily covered up with a pen and a little bottle of paint for a few minutes. However, others might require treatment that needs to be done in layers to an entire section of your car. Hence, the larger the tools tend to be, the bigger the repair kits will cover. Note: Brushes and pens are for little chips and scratches. For larger chips, you need a large sponge together with cloths. To those, their paint damage has lasted for a while, bear in mind that a single repair kit won’t be sufficient to fix it. This requires the fixing of an entire panel. To avoid this, make it a point of duty to fix any damaged paint as it happens.
  • Close Match – Paint will always react to weather in various ways based on how old your vehicle has been together with other factors. For instance, if your car has consistently been under the sun, there is every tendency it will fade away quickly than the car parked under a cover. So it might be tricky to match the brand new paint in line with the paint chips.
  • The magnitude of Paint Destruction – In a situation where your vehicle’s entire bumper or hood has been scratched that it appears to be sand-blasted, this repair kits won’t be the best option. This is because you’ll get a better result if it was a few paint chips. So when the destruction is too bad, the entire panel must be repainted.


Langka Paint

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This comes with three expert repair products including three micro brushes, a cloth, and a card for surplus paint removal. Among their primary products are as follows; paint sealant, prepaint remedy and blob eliminator that functions as a paint thinner with exceptional user coherence. The only challenge here is that this kit is costly when compared to other brands. However, the cost is still lesser than what a professional will charge you when you visit their workshop. Even if you’re an inexperienced user, once you judiciously follow the step by step instructions, you can actually make this application look professional. Key Features:
  • Comes with complete paint chip repair kit.
  • Comprises of sealant, prepaint, blob remover.
  • Contains brush applicators and cloth.
  • The paint remover, treatment together with sealant all functions very well.
  • The finished outcome appears so much like brand new.
  • Fixing of the chips does not take time.
  • The plastic card that is included in it appears to be brittle.
  • There is no paint enclosed in the kit.
  • You need to observe specific technique to be able to use the brush applicator.


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They’re known to offer a compelling blend of touch-up kits products. The good thing about their kits is that each one is precisely designed to suit specific colors per manufacturer. Furthermore, over time they’ve maintained their promise on the 100% match guarantee on all their products. From your end, you need to choose the ideal paint based on your model; then every other thing is in place to have a good repair experience. Apart from being sure concerning the color match, the kit is also packaged with easy self-explanatory instruction for effective application. In this kit, you’ll get; touch-up paint, polish, wax, and applicator tips. Aside from the easy usage, it does not include any sealing product. You need to be aware that sealing your paint chip repairs can be equated as clear coat application. In other words, you need a sealant product so you won’t rely only on the included polish. Paint2Fix actually makes it stress-free for anyone, whether professional or not to repair the paint chips. Key Features
  • It comprises of a complete kit.
  • In it are blending solution, brush applicators, paint, gloves, and a sponge.
  • It comes in three sizes – 25ml, 40ml and 75ml
  • Color match assured.
  • Unboxing and using it very easy.
  • Functions perfectly on any scratches and chips.
  • Sealant is omitted.
  • The blending result isn’t noticeable.


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Contained in this kit are three quality polishing pads that can be used to fix vehicle flaws, chips, scratches and scrapes. A scratch repair pen that weighs 0.3ounce is an extra highlight to the Turtle wax scratch repair & renew kit, and the repair pen is purposefully designed to fill in scratches with a clear, rapid-drying coat. Since the product is made to work perfectly well on all colors of paint, be rest assured that the polishing pads and clarifying compound re-establish the color to seeming perfection. The product comes with an easy follow through instruction to guide you in achieving the best result. Using the polishing compound gives your car a lovely sparkle, but try to pay close attention to your work as you proceed. The product is worth its value. Despite its many attractive features, it also has its disadvantages. After working on the roughened area, it gives off a different shine from the rest of the body color of the car and maybe noticeable. Therefore, it is most useful for light scratches rather than larger ones. Besides, when buffing up the roughened area on the vehicle, a larger size than what is necessarily affected must be taped out, and this much-needed tape does not come with the package. Key Features:
  • A microfiber towel
  • A buffing wax tube
  • It removes imperfections such as scratches, swirls and others
  • It does an excellent job on the repainted average-depth flaked surface
  • It guards a newly restored paint.
  • It re-establishes a glossy finish.
  • It can be hard to clean up visibly.
  • It does not entirely fix flaked surface chips.
  • It does not get rid of oxidation.


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This product comes in different colors which include but not limited to beige, green, silver and various shades of grey. The color n’ drive automotive touch-up paint kit is found to contain:
  • a patented German cleaning solution of 100 millilitres
  • a paint of 100 millilitres
  • a paste of 25 millilitres and a wax-based with carnauba of 25 millilitres
This merchandise is excellent on Toyota vehicle models. Paint codes are found on several parts of a vehicle, such as below the floor mat of the car trunk, the engine bay area and by the front strut tower. The unique thing about this product is that the solution takes away the extra paint and frees errors from being made in the application. In achieving a satisfactory result, a three-step enhanced touch-up procedure is included in the kit. The task requires little skill with a perfect color choice to match your vehicle. A variety of colors within a 100 per cent OEM match is made available for selection. The most significant disadvantage in using a product such as this is that it is better suited for little scratches here and there but not on larger scaled blemishes. The product is also strictly designed for Toyota vehicles models. It takes patience and an improved skill to truly bring out the product’s effectiveness. Key Features:
  • Enclosed in the kit are cleaning solution, paste and wax
  • It contains a variety of ships with paint that best suits your car’s color
  • It includes tools such as sponge, towels and brushes
  • It’s been made available in three different sizes
  • It is the complete chip repair kit that is readily available
  • It has an easy to follow precise instructions
  • It is perfect when used for larger stone chips
  • It does not have all the colors readily available
  • As the colors begin to wear, it takes on a wrong shade
  • It needs follow-up treatments to keep it at its best


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This product assures a 100 per cent color match with all Mazda’s vehicle models and so has been created to suit the color code of your Mazda vehicle. It comes in three assorted packages that include: Pro Care, Plus Care and Basic Care. Each box contains a polish based with carnauba, a cleaning solution, application materials and a G3 liquid paste. The best part is that the product needs no effort to use, does not take time in applying and gives off a professional outcome. Not only does the product make scratches and chips vanish, it also guards against corrosion and rust. The only arguable defect to this product is that it is solely designed for Mazda vehicles and is not advised to be used on any other vehicle type to avoid a wrong color match. The product is quite pricey, especially the Pro-Care package and the only difference amongst the three boxes merely is in the size of each included product: the paint, paste and polish.


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Carfidant answers the most crucial question on car paint repairs; which is: “how soon and effectively will this solve my problem.” This has made it the best in solving car scratches and chips problems which is not entirely entertaining. It is picked as a superior paint fixer due to its ability to solve a wide range of problems, including swirls, scuffs, chips and scratches that make it seem like it never existed. It has a handy sponge that works to get a perfect finish on a recently applied paint. Key Features:
  • The kit turns out with a buffing sponge
  • It assures a 100-per cent satisfaction
  • It does not come with paint
  • It is useful and restores all car paint
  • It has a sponge of high-quality
  • It does a marvelous work at rendering painted-over chips invisible
  • A bottle is long-lasting and can be used severally
  • It may need a follow-up treatment
  • It is an incomplete repair kit due to the absence of paint
  • It is quite expensive


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To get the desired color fit while using this product, you need to blend different colors to arrive at a precise color match. In other words, this product is specially designed for vehicles with unique colors. MagicEzy kit comes with two tubes that are found with a variety of colors such as black metallic, grey metallic, white pearl metallic, silver, white or black. The line has a one ended nozzle to aid direct application to roughened car area and a spatula-like end on the other side for levelling the applied gel. The product is assuredly safe to use on different parts of a vehicle such as the hood, the door, the side mirror, the roof and the bumper. The gel is perfect for pervading all cracks, gouges and scratches into an evenly reflective finish which can be polished to achieve a dry, dull look. It dries quite quickly without causing unwanted blobs or runs, and its work can last for up to three years. Whereas, this can turn out to be a cumbersome task in qualitative mixing and effective matching colors when you are just a first-timer. You may ruin a lot of gel during the job. The tubes do not have a color label on them, and as such, may undecidedly have to keep squeezing out bits of each product color to discover what you’ve available to work with.

Additional Tips To Buying A Car Paint Chip Repair kit 

To discover the right paint chip repair kit is to figure out the original paint color of your car. This is usually listed in the car as a three to the six-character word. It can be commonly found in the glove compartment, on the jamb of the driver’s side door or next to the VIN by the side of aa car’s windshield. Always remember the correct order of the applying materials once you’ve obtained your kit and the right color paint. First, you apply the pre-paint, then the primer, next to the color and finally, your clear coat. Always allow the coat to dry between each paint, then using wet sandpaper (soak in soapy water), mildly damp sand the surface.
  • Sometimes, just polishing with wax takes care of smaller scratches instead of going all out to use paint.
  • When finding your car’s paint code proves difficult; maybe not found in the usual places, check your car info online.
  • Removing grit and moisture using the pre-paint, may prevent the paint from sealing up in the best suitable way.


While Langka Paint Chip Repair Kit has gained a wide range of acceptance due to its affordability and standard application, the MagicEzy Auto Scratch Repairezy is gradually contending in the market as well. They’re topping the chart because they propose a wide range of products that can be easily used on the over the side of varieties of cars. MagicEzy Auto Scratch Repairezy also provides value to its potential customers. Understanding what reduces your car value is worth paying attention to and ugly chips and scratches certainly diminish your car’s all-encompassing looks and worth. So hopefully, the above information and guides will help you repair the roughened area on your vehicle, and also its appearance. Since the secret of a great look lies in details, ordering or purchasing the right touch up paint that suits your car color saves you money on repair cost while ridding your car of its chips and scratches. Table could not be displayed.


Where can I get my car’s paint code?

It can be commonly found in the glove compartment, on the jamb of the driver’s side door or next to the VIN by the side of the windshield. But if it proves difficult to be found in any of these three places; check your car model info online.

What is the proper sequential order in applying paint layers?

After you clean and dry the chip with the pre-paint, you start by applying the primer, next comes the challenging up paint and finally your clear coat. Always allow the coat to dry between each color, then mildly wet sand the surface before applying the next layer.

How can I eliminate excess paint from the repair process?

The best way is by using paint thinner. It is best used after the paint is dried rather than when still wet.

Must I buy special tools for my car paint repairs?

Most paint repair tools you need are included in the repair kits and so it may not be necessary for you to purchase any additional tools. But you could buy other devices if you decide to.

What are the benefits of buying OEM-specific touch-up paint versus spray paint?

It all depends on the appearance you wish to achieve as the vehicle owner but spray paint does not look as finished as the regular automotive paint. The spray paint also suffers wears as against automotive paint that is enclosed by a clear coat.

Should my car’s paint scratches be done first before applying touch-up paint?

Sometimes, just polishing with wax takes care of smaller scratches instead of applying the touch-up paint. But for deeper scratches, the tough up color used in the correct procedure is needed for complete correction depending on how deep the scratches might be.

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